Washing Machine Repair

Your washer is a workhorse in your home. So, it should not come as a shock that sometimes it needs a little attention. Fortunately, when you live in Arvada and have a washing machine in need of assistance, Kyle’s Appliance Repair is always there to help, the same day.


Basic Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Let’s begin by reviewing some maintenance suggestions. These are things that you can do routinely to keep your machine running in good condition. Anything that goes beyond these basic maintenance tasks we suggest that you let us handle as you don’t want to run up your repair bill by breaking something else!


  • Clearing the drain filter: Do this every month, or your machine risks flooding. It requires two minutes of your time and will save you lots of problems later on.
  • Clear out the lint filter: Your machine will often tell you when its lint filter has to be cleaned. We suggest that you do this every second or third wash for the best results.
  • Run a hot cycle: Over time, film builds up inside your washing machine. This makes washing less efficient and you may notice that your clothes have an objectionable smell. Simply run a hot cycle with the machine empty and this will clean out the film. Do this every month.

This checklist does not take a long time and will significantly add to the working life of your washing machine. And, now, when should you call us? Here is a list of problems that require professional help:


The Machine Isn’t Turning On

First make certain that the machine is plugged in, that the outlet work, and that the circuit breaker has not tripped off. When these are OK, call Kyle’s for same-day service.


It Does Not Drain Well

Poor drainage can be caused by several problems. Check drains clogging and also check the drain hose. If these are not blocked or clogged, turn off the washing machine and call Kyle’s.

It Does Not Spin

If the washing machine turns on but does not spin, make sure there is not a problem with the cycle that you chose. For example, if you chose “soak” it is not supposed to spin! And, make sure that your machine is not overloaded. Otherwise, call us for same-day service.


It’s Leaking

Don’t let a leaking washing machine damage your floor. There are various reasons for this problem, all of when can usually be dealt with on a short service call. Contact Kyle’s for same-day repairs.


Your washing machine is shaking and rattling


  • That you have removed the machine’s stabilizer blocks (new machine)
  • That your floor supporting the washing machine is level
  • That the machine’s adjustable feet are properly positioned
  • That your load is not too large and is balanced

If these do not get rid of the shaking, call Kyle’s.


It’s Noisy

Abnormally noisy washing machines usually have a broken part of one that is breaking down. If you ignore the noise you will soon have a very quiet washing machine because it will not run at all. Although some sound is normal, rattling, excessive squeaking, other loud sounds are not. The first thing you need to do is check that your load is balanced and that pocket change or other noisy items are not loose in the washer. When none of these problems exist, call Kyle’s to fix the problem the same day that you ask for help.

It Does Not Complete the Cycle

This is often a timer problem or something else that has worn out. Call us for help and do not try fixing this one yourself.

Do You Need Your Washing Machine Repaired?

You can reach us by clicking the contact button on this website, making a phone call, or sending us an email. We always strive to provide repairs the day that you call. You will be pleased with our prompt and professional service as well as our affordable pricing.