Refrigerator Repair

Of all your home appliances, the one that is so often ignored is the refrigerator. It does its job day and night, day after day, and year after year. It keeps food and beverages cool and prevents spoilage. We rarely think about how valuable this appliance is until it breaks down.

When this happens, you immediately realize that this appliance has to work continuously to preserve your food. Although all appliances are bound to break down eventually, a refrigerator breakdown is perhaps the most urgent of all. But, luckily, at Kyle’s, we understand this. Call us for help and we will be out and one of our certified technicians will be there on the spot and fix the problem the same day.

If you live in Arvada, you are in luck. Kyle’s Appliance Repair has highly qualified, fully certified technicians available for same-day repairs.

What Has Gone Wrong with the Refrigerator?

A refrigerator is a more complicated device than you might think. And, quite a few things can go wrong. Here is a brief list of things to look for:

  • A weird buzzing or knocking sound is coming from the refrigerator
  • Ice is building up inside the freezer
  • The ice maker is overflowing
  • The ice dispenser repeatedly frosts up
  • There is water leaking onto your floor
  • The refrigerator is not cool enough
  • Food is freezing instead of cooling inside the fridge

And, there are simple problems like a burned-out light bulb inside the refrigerator. This one is easy to replace and does not indicate that anything else is wrong.

That having been said, when was the last time your refrigerator was serviced? If it has been more than a year, your refrigerator will benefit from a checkup anyway.

Why Select Kyle’s Appliance Repair?

Service Excellence

Our certified technicians are familiar with all major refrigerator brands. They will methodically track down even the most difficult repair issue. And, they will check to make sure that some other issue is not waiting to cause problems. We give prompt service at affordable prices.

We’re experienced

Repairing major appliances requires skill and experience. Our expertly trained professionals have worked on all brands and models for years. Problems that may puzzle less-experienced technicians are just another day on the job for our experienced professionals. Will always explain the problem and explain your options.


Affordable Pricing

Kyle’s has negotiated pricing arrangements with our suppliers and we pass on the savings to you. Our rates are fair and we do not add “extras” to raise our prices.


Professional Services

One of the many things that set us apart from the rest is that we make it a point to always be professional. This means you always receive:

  • An accurate upfront quote: We know our business. We have great pride in giving quotes that are accurate before we start our work. We never add a bunch of unnecessary fees later on.
  • A precise estimate of how long the job is going to take: Naturally, there are things that we cannot control. For example, there might be delays in receiving parts. That said, we are proud to say, with a reasonable degree of certainty, how long we expect it to take to complete the work.
  • Quality parts: We deal with a select supplier group. When we replace parts, we make sure that you are getting the best parts for your money that is possible. With better quality parts, your refrigerator will serve you well for years to come.
  • Repairs that last: When we repair something, it stays repaired. We don’t take any shortcuts in completing any repairs.
  • A tidy and clean area: Our techs always work neatly and cleanly. We will always clear up any messes that we’ve made. We never expect you to clean up after us!


Get in Touch

Give us a call or click the contact button on this page to make an appointment. Our phones are staffed 24 hours a day. You will always get the help you need from Kyle’s.