Oven Repair

By far the most frequent complaints we get about ovens are because of either the heating element or the igniting assembly. Whatever the cause, your oven is not working and cannot bake a cake, or defrost that pizza you longed for all day. We understand that you use your oven every day and you need it fixed as soon as possible.

Do not worry. Call Kyle’s Appliance Repair – the dependable and affordable appliance repair service in Arvada, Colorado. We’ll send over a certified appliance repair technician. Our technicians have years of experience and they undergo continuous training for new brands and models.

They will inspect the oven, make an assessment, and tell you what they believe the problem is. They’ll also give you a quote for the cost for repairs before they start. With Kyle’s, you will never see any hidden fees or surprises.

If your oven does not heat up, the door won’t shut, or does not turn on, we will find out the problem and fix it the same day that you call us for help.

Why did your oven break down?

Because ovens are somewhat complicated devices, you may have a single reason why it does not work or several, interrelated reasons. If it is a simple problem that you can see, like a frayed gas line, you will know what needs to be done. However, most problems are such that you need to understand how the parts work and how they interact. What you do not want to be doing is trying to fix something like a heating element and make things worse.

If you want to do DIY repairs, to save money, be careful. You could well break something and then it will cost even more money. Many oven repairs require specialized tools as well as specialized training to know how to use them correctly. In the end, hiring the pros at Kyle’s will save you time and money.

Common issues, troubleshooting, and repair

Doesn’t heat properly

An oven that does not heat to the correct temperature usually has either a damaged heating element or a faulty igniter. If your range, as well as the oven, do not light up, your gas line may be at fault. If you smell gas, get out of the building and call your gas company right away.

Our technicians can easily replace faulty igniters or heating elements.

The door does not shut correctly

When the door does not shut correctly you have a broken door sensor, damaged springs, or worn gaskets. We can replace any of these damaged parts on a short service call.

Doesn’t do its self-cleaning

When a self-cleaning oven isn’t working, you have a damaged control panel, thermostat, or door locking motor. We will fix these parts and make sure that your oven goes through its self-cleaning cycle correctly.

When should I replace my oven with a new one?

This depends on the age of your appliance, how often you have needed repairs, and how bad the current issue is. Ovens typically last 15 years. When you have a newer appliance that has had few if any repair issues and does not have a severe problem now, fix it and enjoy your oven for years to come. But, if your oven has seen better days, is badly damaged, and is well past 15 years, get a new one. Although we are always pleased to fix your appliances, we also don’t want to see you throwing good money after bad.