Ice Maker Repair

And ice maker built into your refrigerator is convenient. You don’t need to buy and store large bags of ice. And, forgetting to fill the ice cube trays is no longer an issue.

And no sunny summer’s day in Arvada is complete without a glass of iced tea? An ice maker is a simple feature, but it adds a lot of value. And, it can be frustrating when the gizmo does not work.

But, you do not need to worry. When the ice maker is not working correctly, we’re available to diagnose the problem and fix it. Repairing ice makers is one of the many things that our technicians are good at. It doesn’t matter which brand or model you own, we fix them all.


Should You Call Kyle’s?

The certified technicians at Kyle’s Appliance Repair are competent, prompt, and friendly. We are happy to come out and deal with any issue either large or small. But, what ice maker problems can you fix yourself and when should you call us? Here are some suggestions.


Check the Pause Button

Yes, we are serious. Maybe someone pushed the button by mistake. Or, the device might have paused itself because the bin was full. This is an easy fix that can avoid a service call.


What is the Thermostat Setting?

You might think that colder is better. But, that might not be what the manufacturer recommends. Check the manual. If your setting is too low, water will freeze in the filler tube.


The Control Arm Has to Be Adjusted

Your machine usually has a control arm which moves when the bin fills. It pauses the device when it things the ice maker is full. Check the arm after emptying the ice bin.


Clear the Filter

When you have a clogged water line or filter your ice maker does not get water and cannot make ice. Check your instruction manual for how to do this.


Broken Valves

When all of your tests so far have not cured the problem, you may have a damaged valve. Call us for a same-day, prompt, and easy repair.

Unplug the Ice Maker and Turn off Its Water

Do this to make certain the water line has not frozen. You can use a hairdryer to speed up any thawing. Just be careful not to let the electric hairdryer come into contact with anything wet!

This might fix the problem which you will know when you turn the power on and the ice maker starts to run. When this does not work or the water is discolored, call us for help


There Is Less Ice Production than Usual

This is typically because of the line freezing or being clogged. Follow the advice we mentioned.


Leaking Ice Maker

Check these things:

  • That the fill cup is correctly aligned
  • That your refrigerator is level
  • That the ice maker lines are not twisted or damaged

Unless you fix this right away, call us for repairs. You do not want a leaking ice maker to result in mold buildup in your refrigerator or structural damage to your floor!


Need Some Help?

If you need help for a damaged ice maker, contact Kyle’s by phone or clicking the contact button right on this page. SE You can contact us by phone, or by hitting the contact button on this page. We are always pleased to be of service.