Freezer Repair

Your freezer is a necessary appliance for preserving food for long periods. It’s a reliable machine that keeps on going year after year. Then, something gives out. When your freezer gives out, call the top Arvada freezer repair service for same-day, professional repairs.

While you may be tempted and fix it yourself, that is not a good idea. Freezers may look simple but there are lots of interlocking parts. Unintentionally damaging one of them could cause you to need more expensive repairs.

Here are the usual signs that your freezer is having problems:

The Freezer Makes Terrible Noises

If you are going to call Ghost Busters because of your freezer’s sounds, you need to call for professional help. The usual humming and swishing sounds are normal but rattling, knocking, and screeching are not normal sounds. For example, an evaporator coil problem can be why you hear banging and knocking.

You Have Frost Buildup

This happens if your temperature setting is too low. Your first move is to make certain that it is not set any lower than 0°F. If that doesn’t remove the problem, look at where you have frost forming. If it is around the door that could mean that the door isn’t closing and sealing correctly. It could also mean that your gaskets have to be replaced, or that you have a damaged defroster heater. If there is just frost on the back wall, then it relates to your defrost cycle.


Your Freezer is Leaking

The amount of water leaking out will indicate whether it’s an issue to be worried about or not. A small amount of water might be an ice cube that was dropped. A larger amount of water might mean a blocked drain.

If there is a large amount of water, it might mean that you have a leaking water line or valve. And, sometimes we see this when there is excessive condensation in the pan.

The Freezer Is Not Functioning at All

Check the power light. If it is on, but the freezer is not working, leave it closed and call us for same-day repairs. If the power light is not on, check the outlet to see if it’s plugged in. And, try a different outlet as the problem could be electrical and not the freezer. And, check that the circuit breaker has not flipped off. When these are OK, call Kyle’s. You probably need to replace controls.


The Freezer Does Not Get Cold Enough

First, adjust the temperature to 0°F. And, check to see if the freezer is packed full. Your temperature should always be at 0°F and only fill your freezer to about 85% full. And, make certain that the frozen food is packed evenly and not blocking a vent.

If this is an ongoing problem and the freezer is OK, the problem may be that you have placed the freezer in a warm location with little ventilation. It simply has to work too hard to do its job. If none of this helps, call us and we will check the thermostat and cooling apparatus.

Call Us for a Malfunctioning Freeze

Don’t play guessing games when your freezer is not working. You don’t want to lose the good food that you have frozen and the majority of problems need a qualified technician to identify and fix. Call Kyle’s Appliance Repair and we will send a certified technician the same day to fix your freezer.