Dryer Repair

It’s intriguing to think about what folks did before they invented dryers. Imagine what people centuries ago would think of this magic machine that we take for granted today. And although it’s not an essential part of your home, it certainly is useful. That is especially true when you live in an apartment without a clothesline, have a house full of children and a busy schedule.

Not needing to haul laundry out to the clothesline is a timesaver. And, because it does things like make towels fluffy, it is nice to have around. Then, it decides not to work!

When you expect warm and dry clothes and they are cold and wet, it is time to call the experts at Kyle’s if you live in the Arvada area. Luckily, best dryer repair technicians are right in your town.

If you are having dryer problems, call Kyle’s for prompt, efficient, and economical dryer repairs.


Can I Fix it without Calling a Technician?

If you are handy at fixing things, you may not like having to pay someone for something you could fix yourself. Unfortunately, dryers are complicated machines. All too often we come to repair a dryer only to find do-it-yourself repairs have made the issue worse. Call us for dryer repairs and save yourself time and money.

Unless you have technical training for dryer repair, you will not realize how the various parts of this appliance are interrelated. The part that you are replacing may not be the primary problem. When that is the case you will replace your part again and again and never resolve the problem.

At Kyle’s, our rates are fair and our service is excellent. We use only manufacturer part so that you will retain your warranty too.


When to Call a Pro for Your Dryer


The Dryer Drum Spins but the Dryer Does Not Heat Up

Several things may cause this problem. These include:

  • Faulty thermostats
  • Timers that are not working
  • Problems with fuses
  • Heating coil problems
  • Damaged temperature switches

All of these repair issues require that you break down the machine to get at the parts. Leave this job to a certified professional.


The Drum Does Not Spin

This is usually due to a worn or broken belt but can also be caused by a damaged roller or burned out motor. Any of these parts that are at fault need to be replaced.

The Dryer is Overheating

This is a problem that you can deal with at first. Check the lint trap and make sure that it has not clogged up. If this was the case, clean it out and let the machine rest a bit. Then turn it on to dry a load and see what happens. If it works fine, you are a hero! If it still overheats, call the technicians at Kyles for same-day diagnosis and repair. You probably have a damaged thermostat or heating coil.


Your Dryer Will Not Turn On

First, make sure the dryer is plugged in and the circuit breaker has not flipped off. And, check that the power cord is not damaged.

If these are all OK, call the technicians at Kyle’s Appliance Repair for experienced, certified, and friendly help getting your dryer to work again.

We will come out at a time convenient for you, determine what the problem is, and advise you as to your options. Come to Kyle’s for professional appliance repairs at a fair price.