Brands We Repair

Our certified technicians at Kyle’s Appliance Repair have the skills and tools to repair any major appliance brand. We are trained specifically to service and repair these brands:

  • Samsung
  • Viking
  • Bosch
  • LG
  • Maytag
  • Kenmore
  • Frigidaire
  • GE

What if our appliance is not on the list?

You can call us even if your appliance is not on our list. We have the skills to fix any appliance and can order the necessary parts.

What sorts of repair jobs do you handle?

No matter if it is a simple plug to be replaced or a complex problem such as a motor that does run, we will do the job promptly and well. There are many things that can break down with household appliances. Here are some of them:

  • Loud knocking noises
  • Coolant leaks
  • Water leaks
  • Motors that have stopped running
  • and many more

Write down our number in your contact list. If you experience an appliance emergency, call us, and we will usually take care of it the same day.

What if I want to do repairs myself?

If you understand how major appliances work, the work may be routine, like it is for us at Kyles. There are many videos and useful blogs that make it appear as though such repairs are very simple.

The problem is to know what needs to be done and when you are going to make things worse. Replacing a single part may be a simple task. But, why did it break down in the first place? All too often, there is a cascade effect in a modern appliance when one part starts to malfunction. The next part suffers and you end up replacing the third part which is broken. Unfortunately, if you do not understand this, you will repeatedly replace the third damaged part until the entire appliance breaks down.

And, when you deal with complicated electrical wiring, you may damage something by doing the job wrong or even hurt yourself with an electrical short. Bad wiring jobs cause electrical fires. Don’t put your family at risk. Ask a pro to do the job.

While it can be enjoyable to fix things on your own, be careful when dealing with complicated appliances. All too often we are called to fix problems caused by overconfident DIY work on a major appliance.

Save time and money by calling Kyle’s Appliance Repair and we will:

  • Fix it right the first time
  • Provide the best prices on parts
  • Do the job once and for all
  • Guarantee our labor and parts 100%


Why Call Kyle’s?

When you ask us for help with an appliance, we will typically arrive on the first day to fix it. We will do the job on one service call. And, we will give you a 100% warranty on parts and labor. We can do this because our certified technicians have a wealth of experience fixing and maintaining all major appliance brands.

At Kyle’s, we work to gain and keep your trust. Most of our business is from “word of mouth” as satisfied customers tell their friends. We do not get a lot of “repeat business” because we fix things right the first time.

Don’t settle for less when you can get the best. Contact Kyle’s Appliance Repair when your appliance breaks down.